The Name

Enigma Equipment is named after the famous Enigma decoding machine from WW II. During the war, the Allies captured an Enigma machine and used it to crack the Nazis' communication code. While we can't claim to be doing anything as noble and historically significant, we would like to think that our products are invaluable for solving climbing-specific problems. (Side note: The Enigma Equipment E logo is based on the letter E key found on the Enigma machine keyboard.)

The Person

Enigma Equipment was started by Gus Alexandropoulos, a climber with over 30 years of experience who has developed hundreds of new routes. Over the decades, he's held senior roles at various outdoor and climbing companies, has route set and forerun at numerous Canadian national bouldering and lead climbing competitions and held an extended stint as the editor at Gripped, Canada's national climbing magazine. More recently, he's co-authored several Ontario climbing guidebooks, and he currently operates Ontario Climbing.

His broad experience drives the design process at Enigma Equipment – a company dedicated to providing specialized gear for climbers and climbing route developers.

Oh, and he also loves dogs.

The Guarantee

The short version – if it breaks for no good reason, we'll replace it. Simple.

You want more context? Here you go. We're a small local shop based in Southern Ontario. Everything is made right here in Canada with North American materials whenever possible. This approach does not always create the cheapest gear, but it supports local businesses and reduces our environmental impact. Climbers often espouse their desire to shop local and protect the environment – here's your chance to do just that.